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Table molletons & table protectors

Table molletons and table protectors

Tischmolton in rund mit Gummizug

Table molletons with elastic band and tablecloth protectors complete our offer: We supply the appropriate table protection for your table linen. There is a choice of table molletons in round with elastic band and table protectors in square also for the long table.

Tisch-Pad Moll: a soft table molton with cotton cover

Our table molleton Tisch-Pad Moll is a three-layered cotton fabric with a PU membrane in the middle. The molleton is pleasantly soft, it protects the table and at the same time acts as a cushion for the tablecloth. A pleasant table feeling is realized in this way. The Tischmolton Table-Pad Moll is a particularly light protective cover that can also be used for delicate tables. The table molleton Table-Pad Moll is made in Germany and is ÖKO-Tex 100 certified. Another big advantage is that the molleton Tisch-Pad Moll can also be easily cut to size itself. Please note in your choice of size the shrinkage of the molleton Tisch-Pad Moll by washing - so buy a few inches bigger!

Table molleton with elastic band, round and rectangular

As a premium version of the tablecloth underlays, we offer table molleton with elastic band made of 100% cotton Calmuc. You can choose between round and angular moltons. The handling is very simple: The table molleton with elastic stretch is simply spread on the table top and includes the tabletop by itself (comparable to a fitted sheet), already the table is pleasantly soft padded. The tablecloth can now be laid without wrinkles and does not slip anymore. The table molleton with elastic is particularly popular because it has proven to be a very good table protection, also testifies the material thickness of 300g / m² of a very high quality and durable quality. The table molleton with elastic is washable at 60 ° C and extremely durable. We recommend that you wash the molleton before first use, as it will reach its perfect fit after the first wash. The table molton with elastic is available for the round table in the table top sizes Ø 100, Ø 110, Ø 120, Ø 130, Ø 150 cm and even Ø 160cm, Ø 170 and Ø 180cm. For the square table we also offer some square table molletons.

Tisch-Pad Soft: Unevenness is compensated

Our table pad Tisch-Pad Soft is non-slip, protects your tabletop from stains and is very hard-wearing. It is available in width 140cm. The Tisch-Pad Soft consists of Poyester soft foam and has very good cushioning properties. Loud noises by stopping glasses are also dampened. The tablecloth underlay Tisch-Pad Soft can be cut to size as needed.

Tisch-Pad Gastro: not just for catering needs

Due to its temperature resistance up to 80 ° C, the table top protector Tisch-Pad Gastro is also suitable for professional use in catering. It is pleasantly soft and is non-slip on the table top. We recommend an overhang of at least 10cm on all sides. The Gastro table protector can also be cut with scissors. The Tisch-Pad Gastro is made of PES / glass fiber fabric. It is not suitable for tabletops that are sealed with nitrolack without addition of hardener.

Table protector Tisch-Pad light

Our table protector Tisch-Pad light is characterized by a particularly thin material thickness of only 2 mm. It is a fully gummed protective close to the table, which is particularly dimensionally stable, non-slip and very hard-wearing. The table protector Tisch-Pad light is made of high quality glass fiber fabric in combination with a special PVC coating. Your table is optimally protected, leaking liquids, such as wine, can not leave any damage or annoying stains on the table. At the same time, the Tischschoner Tisch-Pad light conceals bumps and edges of the table, and noises are pleasantly damped. The tablecloth underlay can also be cut to size with a normal pair of scissors. The tablecloth is simply placed on the table protector and does not slip anymore. The Tischschoner Tisch-Pad light is washable at 60 ° C, but it is not suitable for table tops that are sealed with nitro lacquer without addition of hardener.