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White Damask Tablecloths in boil-proof quality

Damask tablecloths are especially appreciated for their positive properties:Damast-Servietten sind in weiß besonders elegant washable up to 95°C and made of pure 100 percent cotton, damask tablecloths are extremely popular. The white damask table linen looks very noble and gives every banquet style and class. When selecting your damask tablecloth, pay attention to the sizes of damask tablecloths specified in our tablecloth shop LIBUSCH®. We are specialized in large modern damask tablecloths, special sizes, excess lengths, including damask tablecloth lengths of 230 cm, 240 cm, 250 cm, 280 cm, 340 up to 380 cm in XXL length. We also have a wide range of damask tablecloths in round, including around 130cm, around 160cm, around 180cm and even around 200cm, and we also offer tablecloths in oval. All damask tablecloths are high-quality, hard-wearing tablecloths.

A wide selection damask tablecloths can be found here

Damask tablecloths: an overview

Damask-Tablecloths: white Leila, Sila, Fina, Milara 100% cotton 140x180, 140x220, 140x230, 140x240, 140x260, 140x280, 140x300, 120x310, 140x320, 140x340, 140x360, 140x380, 160x260, 160x280, 160x310, 160x350
Damask-cloth-napkins: white Leila, Sila, Fina, Milara 100% cotton 50x50cm
Round damask-tablecloths: white uni white 100% cotton Ø 140cm, Ø 160cm, Ø 180cm, Ø 200cm


Damask tablecloths: The size matters

Damast-Tischdecke Leila: eine elegante EntscheidungAll damask tablecloths from the tablecloth shop LIBUSCH are, when you receive them, slightly larger than indicated. This is intended! Since damask tablecloths shrink after washing, they only have the specified size after a few (boiled) washes, as you will find in our article information in the Damask tablecloths category. This generous measure is owed to the shrinking, which is always stronger in length than in width. We are also happy to add a few centimeters to the calculated size, as damask tablecloths should be more generous than too short to cover a festive table. There is hardly anything worse than a tablecloth that is too small. The food can be so noble there, if the damask table linen does not fit, the effect is simply gone and rather negative. Damask table linen should fit generously on the table, but also damask tablecloths should not hang on the lap. We have compiled an overview of tablecloth sizes and tabletop dimensions for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you calculate the optimum damask tablecloth size. Here you will find our contact form. You are also welcome to contact us by telephone. We are happy to answer your questions about our damask tablecloths.Damast-Tischdecken und Damast-Servietten wirken besonders elegant


Which damask tablecloth is right for me?

Damask patterns of our damask tablecloths are varied. As a customer, you are spoilt for choice. Unfortunately, we cannot take the decision which damask pattern is most suitable for which occasion or which person. Experience has shown, however, that the subtle pattern of our damask tablecloth “Leila”; always goes down well, regardless of the occasion. The damask tablecloth Leila looks very unobtrusive and apart, the damask pattern is very restrained and can be combined well with any kind of tableware and tablecloth decoration. For an older audience, our classic damask tablecloth “Fina” is certainly a good choice. Proven old and stylishly balanced, the Fina damask tablecloth is suitable for all types of furnishings and decorations. The damask tablecloth “Sila", woven exclusively for LIBUSCH®, is our tip among young people who want to realize level and atmosphere. The damask tablecloth Sila radiates special damask elegance with its curved damask pattern. For all damask tablecloths, we also offer the matching damask napkins. You can find them here. In addition, we also offer some damask tablecloths in “round”, such as the damask tablecloth Leila in 180cm round or 200cm round.

Damask tablecloths: What are the quality features that distinguish them?

We at the Tablecloth-Shop Libusch offer you damask tablecloths with a high quality standard at an affordable price. But what exactly distinguishes a damask tablecloth? We have summarized the most important points for you:

  • High quality material: 100% cotton damask
  • Excellently manufactured: Fitted with a high-quality pattern
  • Sophisticated in style: combed, mercerized, bleached white
  • Easy to handle: washable at 95 ° C, resistant to chlorine and iron

We deliver the perfect table linen for your festive table.

What care instructions must be observed for damask tablecloths?

Damast-Tischdecken in weiß wirken besonders elegantOur damask table linen is very easy to care for and hardwearing. The noble fabric can be washed very hot, which means up to 95°C degrees; with stubborn stains, even a treatment of the damask tablecloth with chlorine is possible. However, it is also clear that the more gently the table linen is treated, the longer its radiant effect remains. We recommend putting the damask tablecloths into the clothes wringer after washing. Ironing by hand is a very tedious task, especially with large tablecloths, and the result is often not really satisfactory. Damask tablecloths, which were in the clothes wringer, also have a straight “middle break”, which not only looks particularly nice but also provides orientation for tablecloths.